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SICO, a superior source for quality paint products, continues innovating with new web tools, a new color display and a new revolutionary product to be launched soon. SICO celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012, with business origins in 1937 in Quebec City. SICO products are available in various finishes. Check out the full range to find the finishes that best meet your specific needs. Additionally, SICO is committed to providing ecologically-aware and environmentally friendly products.

SICO Favourites

SICO Evolution
The all-new SICO Evolution interior paint is the most durable yet, thanks to new DurabiliT™ technology with polymers: a unique molecular formula that makes this paint ultra-washable, ultra-scrubbable, and gives it high hiding power.

Improved Formula for SICO Cashmere
A paint and primer-in-one, SICO's new and improved Cashmere paint delivers a gloss-free, ultra-smooth, and now even more durable and washable finish, giving walls a breathtaking, designer look.

Improved Formula for SICO Chamois
Designed for every room in the house, as well as doors and trims, SICO's new and improved Chamois paint and primer in one conveys an elegant finish with soft gloss. Now easier to maintain, Chamois is also more durable and resistant than ever.

The Perfect Mildew-Resistant Paint
SICO's Kitchen and Bathroom paint is especially recommended for walls, ceilings, and woodworks in higher humidity areas. Ultra washable and scrubbable, this paint offers excellent stain resistance due to a preservative.

Superior Quality Exterior Stains
With their advanced technology, SICO exterior stains offer a durable formula and superior quality. Whether you are looking for a stain, a translucent wood finish or a exterior wood protector, SICO offers a complete line of products that will suit your every needs.

Technological Innovation by SICO
After many years of research, SICO innovates once again, and managed to integrate an alkyd emulsion in a water-based paint. This unique mix combines the best of both worlds: the durability of alkyd and the ease of use of a water-based paint. It will be available in the following products: a heavy duty paint for furniture and cabinets, and an all-in-one GoPrime primer.

Tintable primer now available in the GoPrime family
The exceptional properties of the GoPrime family of products make it the perfect choice to seal all types of surfaces, for a smoother finish.

New satin finish available in exterior paints
With its impeccable finish and exceptional durability, this paint and primer in one by SICO is ideal for all your outdoor projects.

Interior paint for Doors and Trim
Our new doors and trim product allows you to save time when you begin your project since no primer is required on previously painted surfaces that are clean and in good condition.

Interior and Exterior Floor Paints and Sealants
Specifically formulated for wooden, concrete or metal floors, and specially formulated to last, our interior and exterior floor paints and sealants are extremely durable and resistant top-quality products.

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